Thursday, February 02, 2006

sweet things

I'm so grumpy.

It's never going to stop raining.
Jeff, who's been really healthy all winter, has a bad cold and a deadline, so he's grumpy too.
By some cruel joke of the scheduling gods, both Jeff's PCA (who comes 2x a week, ostensibly to help him, but really to help us all by cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry) AND Eli's daycare provider are on vacation. This week, I am doing everything. in. the. world.
I promised something to a bereaved woman at work today that I'm going to have to tell her she can't have (not enough information until it was too late....)
I just typed this whole entry, then deleted it by accident, so I"m now typing it again.

Just 2 days in February, and it's already the longest, cruelest month, as far as I can tell.

But I'm fighting back by keeping track of sweet things.

1. We had BLT's for dinner. My favorite comfort food.

2. Eli's in the tub, playing a game with his cars where they talk to each other, as they zoom around and they're being so polite. "Can I go there?" "OK" "Sorry" "That's ok! See ya later!"

3. My friend came by this week and, seeing my almost-bloomed amaryllis, remembered that one story she knows of her grandfather, who she never knew, was that whenever he had an extra quarter, he would always use it to buy an amaryllis bulb.

4.Pandora. Tip of the 24-hours-all-folk-music-all-the-time hat to Sara for the link.

5. All done with ordinary time writing, she whispered. And then ducked to avoid the thrown stuff.

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