Monday, February 09, 2009

A few short scenes from today

After a restless night in which none of us slept much (E came into our room at 3:30 am asking so sweetly if he could "just play quietly for a little while" that I couldnt say no. J and I kept waking each other up, talking in our sleep), we got out of town an hour later than we'd hoped to.

Somehow arrived in Eugene though, only half an hour late, and after wandering the hospital for a while (it's the kind of building where, once you get on The Wrong Elevator some serious back tracking is required) we found the rehab room where they do the training (6 hours) and test (15 minutes).

Thoughts on the ibot so far:
Our favorite part is that it can raise so very tall. The stair function (yes! it does go up and down stairs!) scares me silly - there's a lot of very counterintuitive-feeling pushing off the edge of things that has to happen.

E came with us, and I'm glad he did. His favorite part (which he knew in advance would be his favorite) is the lights. He took some pictures. If they turn out, I'll post 'em.

The computer that runs the machine is obviously designed by a genius because it is incredibly complicated. J says in design that call that "modal" meaning "it has lots of modes." Indeed.

We made our first errand with the ibot - to Trader Joes, natch. J hunted and gathered the bread off. the. top. shelf! And people stopped him to talk about how he could possibly do that thing with balancing on two wheels. It was awesome.

Our dog knew J right away. We did not know if she would recognize him out of the scooter.

We are all very tired now from anticipation and thinking and hard work.

There are some mountains to climb tomorrow - transfers to figure out and some furniture to rearrange. But for now, we are all going to sleep.

Here we are, on our hunt and gather at the grocery store, taken from my phone so all grainy and stuff, but you get the mood, I think. More photos to follow, I am sure.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


We are counting down to the Ibot. Monday the 9th is testing day and (if we pass the test as driver and assistant) pick up day - an all-day project.

There has been a lot of drama in the ordering process (including! the company that makes the ibot is going out of business! but we will still be able to buy one! and they will keep servicing them for a while!) but it seems like we really are going to have it soon.

This is going to be such a big change for our family, that none of us can really imagine it. In the meantime, I'm working out the life-changingness in my dreams -- such as Sunday night, when I dreamed that Don Rickels was actually a very nice guy, and last night when I dreamed that J was having surgery to have all his teeth* removed and new ones put in.

In the meantime, life just seems to be happening, but there is always the hum -- the Ibot is coming, the Ibot is coming, the Ibot is coming.....

*J's teeth are actually the strongest thing about him. Thank you Minnesota floridated water!