Monday, June 08, 2009

Unexpected things happening before 8:37 am on Monday morning

-Hearing a little boy wake up crying because it is the last week of school and "I love school and I hate summer."

-Snuggling with the boy on the couch, instead of rushing around like usual.

-While snuggling, noticing the longest lostest library book ever, sitting sideways in the shelf. Rejoicing therefore.

-While showering, getting interrupted by facts from the newly found book. Which is Ghost Ships Of The Deep, btw, so each fact is gruesomer than the last.

-Driving to school (all that snuggling makes us miss the bus) and thanking the boy's teacher for being the kind of teacher he doesnt want to have summer vacation for.

-Driving home from school and seeing a Lincoln Towncar with a Franciscan University bumper sticker and wondering "What WOULD St. Francis say?"

-Noticing the "All Trees and Shrubs 40% Off!" sign and wondering if that is a sermon invitation, or an invitation to more gardening.

-Remembering to turn on the drip line that waters the daisies.

-Remembering to turn off the drip line that waters the daisies