Wednesday, February 01, 2006

grouchy, grouchy, grouchy

I'm testy about everything.

Eli yelled and slugged me when I told him that he was done with his computer time today, so I had to give him a time out of course, and no computer time tomorrow, which is actually a punishment for me since his hour or so of screen time per day is when I get a break.
Only 210 days until preschool starts.

Later, Jeff was sitting nicely by the fire, and I kept asking him to move out of the way, so I could poke the logs around (annoying) and he kept telling me how I was doing it wrong (double annoying) until I asked him, only half kidding, if we could stay married but live in separate houses.

I even seem to have depressed Songbird, which is the last thing in the world I would want to do.

I'm cheering myself up by remembering the dismayed look I saw recently on a very sweet woman's face when Eli, telling her about his new action figures, announced: "Hey! I have a buzz AND a woody!"

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