Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday night ennui

Tonight I did not:
1. blog
2. write this week's newsletter article for church
3. assemble or address the compulsory cards for the daycare Valentine's Day Party
4. prepare for next week's
a. wedding
b. memorial service
c. sermon
(Yes, that IS quite a lot for a part time pastor to be tackling in one week. Thank you for asking.)
5. call my mom
6. clean the kitchen
7. make out with my husband
8. make any move to end world hunger, the war or the inexplicable power of Tim Eyman
9. buy my father a long overdue Christmas present for 2005 (have to get going on his birthday present, too....)
10. work out
11. pray

Tonight I:
organized my bookmarks (that's "favorites," windows users), throwing away the outdated ones and putting the rest into neatly labeled little folders.

Can I just ask "What the HELL IS MY PROBLEM?"
And can I also ask - does anyone know why I'd have this bookmarked?
Me neither.

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