Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Back seat theologians

Heard while driving my god-daughter and son around after a morning of really great playing.

C: (after a period of silence during which I thought she was asleep) Jen? Why CAN'T we see angels and fairies?
Me: (stalling) Um, I don't know, honey. What do YOU think?
C: (3 going on 14) I don't know.
Me: (lamely)Maybe it's because fairies and angels are closer to God than to us, and we can't see God either.
Eli: (I'm surprised to learn that not only is he also awake, but that he has an opinion about this subject.)God is in our tummies!
Me: Well, I guess you're right. Maybe we see fairies and angels all the time, we just don't know it.

I should just stay out of it. They've already got it figured out, evidently.

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