Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weds night

I dont know what I've been doing on the computer, but I only have 11% power on my computer, so I'm doing a quick check in, in the form of a list.
-Summer seems to have arrived.
-I did not plant any veggies, though.
-But I have the seeds. Do you think I am too late?
-I dont have time for planting anyway, I'm too busy getting an ass-whupping in therapy.
-Yikes, is that previous sentence going to attract a weird crowd?
-Like, is there some kind of whupping subculture of which I am not aware?
-Well, if it has, you are them, go away, please. This is the most boring blog no the planet.
-I'm in therapy about feeling overwhelmed, which it turns out is sort of a pattern for me.
-So. It, you know, brings a lot of that bottom-feeding sludge to the surface.
-Hmm, yet another pleasant therapy metaphor. Good thing my therapist doesnt read this blog, or his feelings would certainly be hurt.
-See, spending time worrying about stuff like whether I'm hurting my therapists feelings is what got me this one way ticket to Overwhelmed Island.
-I've never recovered from vacation. I'm still treading water. To continue the Island metaphor. Which is nicer than the others I've been working, but probably not as descriptive.
-I missed the newsletter deadline and I keep forgetting to call people back.
-It's not going to get better any time soon, either, since next week we go to family camp.
-Which was a beloved tradition in our former UCC conference, and one I hope we like here, too.
-So, it takes time away, but it's great, so it's worth it.
-But the real reason I'm so distracted is because there are three cute kittens in my extra bathroom right now.
-Which I picked up today at the shelter, as our first assignment as Foster Care Kitten Family.
-We will keep them for about 4 weeks, until they're ready to be spayed and adopted out.
-Shhh, dont tell my mom. Or my dad. They think I have too much going on already.
-But 4 hours in, it's working out pretty well.
-Except they dont seem to be eating yet.
-I'm hoping that's just the excitement, and doesnt mean they'll have to be bottlefed, which is a possibility.
-They seem pretty spunky and clever. I'm sure they'll figure out the eating thing.
-Dont have any pictures yet.
-Just find a picture of the 3 cutest grey or greyish kittehs you can imagine, curled up asleep together.
-And that will be them.
-(Contented sighs all around.)

And just in time, as I am down to 4% juice, which means I could conk at any minute.
No, that's not the computer I'm talking about.

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