Sunday, June 08, 2008

Announcements, announcements, aNOUUUUNNNNCEments

To everyone who was formerly my friend on Facebook, especially the extremely cool Chicagans who I just friended pretty much hours before the spam situation:
Sorry about sending you that incredibly annoying spam by accident. I am a doorknob at Facebook.

To people who want to be more organized, but who, like me, hate more gadgets: Check out this awesome article (and a hat tip to Seattle Rachel for the link).

To whoever swapped back that guy living in our house yesterday with our real son, who seems to have returned: Thank you.

It's 8:11 pm. You know what that means.


cheesehead said...

Hey wait a minute. I didn't get any spam.

I though I was you friend...

She Rev said...

Glad you seemed to have quit this experiment by the Preacher Party!