Monday, June 02, 2008

Advice Column

Dear Neti Pot Experts,
If you could tell you were getting a cold, so you started the Neti Pot (1 -2 times a day for 3 days), then you got a really really bad cold that included losing your voice and totally getting stopped up ears, would you do the Neti Pot again, or figure that was what had given you all this mucus in the first place and stop it?

Dear Parenting Experts,
Do you let a five year old boy choose the paint colors in his room, even if the only colors that he will consider are those of the Oregon Ducks teams?

Dear Math Experts,
How much more laundry can there POSSIBLY be? There are only THREE of us.


Sue said...

Can't help you on the NetiPot. I had not heard of such a thing until a few weeks ago. *shudders* I can't even use nose spray, so I'm not sure I could manage the NP.

It's only paint. If it makes him happy, go for it.

Laundry breeds while we sleep.

Katherine said...

I don't have a neti pot, but I do irrigate/lavage/snuff salty water up my nose when I'm getting sick. It doesn't work every time, but it does really work sometimes. I wouldn't give up on it yet.

otis said...

First of all, the Neti pot is the antiquated vermont-country-store solution which now has a much better tool. The Neilmed Sinus Rinse system is far superior because it's a bottle that forces the irrigation through the sinuses rather than relying on gravity. Once you try it you'll just laugh at the netti pot. I use it every day in the shower (toward the end after steam's loosened things up) and I have had only two colds in the last three years. It's a great preventative and also helps reduce the chances of your cold turning into a sinus infection., also available at walgreens and other pharmacies.

But to answer your question, my wife has suspected that it makes her symptoms worse at times, but that's not the case for me. I think that's because she doesn't use it until things are really bad anyway. I use it regularly and it has basically solved my chronic sinus problems (before I started on it I was considering a septum-correction surgery but now I don't have problems anymore.)

Good luck.

Diane said...

I have looked at NetiPots in the store, but have never dared to use them.

And heck, even when there are only two of us, it still seems like laundry gets to be infinite.

I'm not good at math, anyway.

Jody said...

I don't know about nasal lavage, I've been tempted but can't decide on a product.

I let the kids pick their paint colors, but only painted the deepest colors on one wall.

Laundry multiples exponentially, and increases by an additional factor of four for every child under the age of 18.

Juniper said...

otis, I'm ALREADY laughing at the neti pot, arent you? And at you, too, but in a gentle and loving f-ish sort of way. You are so hilarious!

Sue and Jody, thanks for the advice on the paint. Of course, he can paint it whatever he wants. I had a few minutes of being a control freak dork, but it's passed now. (and if you believe THAT...)

otis said...

Well Junipie, does the Vermont Country Store really have anything that's practical for MODERN life? Fels Naptha Dr. Bronners might be timeless classics, but come on, who really thinks horehound losenges and reusable cotton maxis were a good idea? There's a reason life expectancy has improved since the advent blood-lettings, or does VCS still sell kits for that? No that's too advanced for them, they probably just have Grow-a-leech kits. :-)

Try the NeilMed bottle, it's a completely different and much more useful experience. It still takes a little getting used to but well worth it. Plus it comes with salt packets that are much more friendly than the stingy stuff you mix up yourself.

She Rev said...

As a person who grew up with a mom who wouldn't let me choose the paint, I say let him choose it. If you REALLY don't want him to choose it, maybe the rule is that he has to do the taping. Although at that age he might not care and might not do the job to adult standards so that could fly back in your face.