Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Midnight Observations

-Went on an actual date to an actual concert tonight.
-Which was stunning.
-The Cowboy Junkies still got it going on.
-I'm sure the Indigo Girls do, too, only I'm too far away from the old days when I knew all those lyrics by heart to get it in the same way.
-I was half floating on the music, and half wondering how, after so many years doing basically the same thing, you keep it fresh.
-Although, it sort of doesnt matter what's going on with the music, since a concert outdoors in a lovely meadow surrounded by wind-tossed trees, on a day that hit a hundred is just inherently a good thing.
-I said something tactless today. Which, considering my junior high nickname was The Queen of Tact, I dont do all that often anymore.
-I felt sorry about it, and I apologized, but I dont think I'm going to spend the rest of the week chewing on it and feeling sick to my stomach, which in another era I would have.
-This feels like growth to me.
-I DO wish I wouldnt have done it, though. And I'm really hoping I didnt totally screw up what I was hoping was becoming a nice new friendship.
-Speaking of friendship, we just got back from three days at family camp.
-A mixed bag, but definately more good than bad.
-But getting used to a new camp is tricky, isnt it? Because you want camp to be your camp, and each camp definately has its own culture.
-Songs, schedules, how to have fun, physical layout, what the staff do -- it's all different here than at our old place, where we spent many beloved family camps. So there was about 24 hours of transitioning that had to happen.
-For the grownups, I mean. The child was happy to run around the woods and stay up late eating smores without any angst or nostalgia.
-There are a lot of really great things about being six, and I think this is one of them.
-Wow. Sure is hot here. We're not really set up for 100 degrees here in Oregon -- I guess I'll preach short tomorrow and punctuate a sermon about cool glasses of water by actually passing some out.
-Because talking about water (metaphorically) without delivering any (actually) on a day like tomorrow is gonna be would be more like a torture session than church.
-And speaking of chruch, it is officially after midnight, so I need to go to bed now.
-I have some real posts rattling around, hopefully they will make it here sometime.


Songbird said...

I like your plan. Glad I didn't count on something like that; it's 57 and overcast here this morning!

Ruby said...

Live music -- aaah! As refreshing as cool water.

more cows than people said...

i'm down in marin county for the week... just north of sf. it is cool here... wanna come see us?

Katherine said...

Yay Cowboy Junkies! You-know-who used to tour with them.

Juniper said...

SB - Ah, that sounds so lovely. Although we had a real thunder boomer rain storm this evening and now have nice cool breezes. And really, we get so little hot weather, I cant really complain.

Ruby - You are so right.

MC - OH! I would lvoe to see you and you are so close now. But, I just cannot get away like that right now. :(

K- I was kind of wondering if they were OtR friends last night. thanks for confirming it!