Saturday, June 21, 2008

Meme from Janell

Janell tags me to list "Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird."

1. It's weird that I can't think of anything weird about myself all of a sudden, because usually I think of myself as very weird.

2. I just found out today from a self-described pagan that pagan and wiccan are different. She says it's like Catholic and Christian - "All wiccans are pagan, but not all pagans are wiccan." Did you know that? I didnt. (This one definitely falls more under the "random" than "weird" category, dont you think?)

3. Right before I lead worship, I stand in front of the full length mirror in my office, close my eyes and say my prayer three times "Make me worthy, make me worthy, make me worthy." Then I open my eyes and put on lipstick. If I skip either one of these steps, I sort of falter. I also guess I would falter if I did them the other way around and prayed with eyes open and applied lipstick with eyes closed. (Is it weird that I think that last bit is funny? Yeah, I guess so....)

4. The last few days, I think about getting home all the time, so I can see our new foster-kittens, who we have now named, after our favorite book series: Freddy, Jinx and Mrs. Wiggins. (Is it weird that when you let your 6 year old name the cats, he chooses names from children's books written in the 1940's? It is weird, isnt it, but in kind of a cool way? Personally, I'm stunned he didnt name them R2D2, Luke and DarthVader'sRedLightSaber.)

5. I confessed at a dinner party tonight that I just cannot like Pink Floyd. Or Led Zeppelin either.

6. But when someone, joking, said "Oh, well, maybe you like the KINGSTON TRIO instead?" I sang Hang Down your Head Tom Dooley all the way through. And I could have done Charlie on the MTA, too, if the subject hadnt inexplicabley changed from Our Favorite Folk Music of the 1960's to another topic.

7. Speaking of dinner, I have a new weigh-in day for weight watchers, which is Monday instead of Friday. This new schedule does not help with my previous problem of sticking with it for about 4 or 5 days and then slacking off for the last 2 or 3 of the week. Dont know why I do it this way. Every week I tell myself I could actually Lose Weight if I did it every day, but every weeek I drop off. And I seem ot keep lingering right around 173-ish. Although, I referred to myself as "svelte" today, which is maybe the reason I"m not working it that hard.

8. It's after 9, but it's still light out, so I'm going for a walk. And that's 8, so I'm done.

According to the meme, I could tag 7 of you, but I would love it if you would tag yourself and let me know in the comments.


Sarah S-D said...

you always make me laugh, j. thanks.

Sue said...

Can you and your partner (and your son of course) please dine at our home sometime very soon. Our dinner parties are never as interesting as yours are.

-otis- said...

I don't have a blog so I'll tag myself here:

1. (weird) From the Juniper family tradition I have adopted the word 'chuds' for underwear, and can't seem to avoid using the term when occasion calls.

2. (random) My pinkie toenails no longer grow split in two, they are healthy single nails now. I attribute this to internet shopping and the ease with which it brings wide shoe sizes previously unprocurable.

3. (weird) While driving and looking through the bug spots on my windshield, I often feel compelled to adjust my head position such that the largest one appears centered on the roadway ahead of me--or if I'm feeling especially daring, skewered repeatedly by the dashed lines between the lanes.

4. (random) In general, I find lyrics in songs to be useless, to the point that I don't pay any attention. As a result I can never do campfire singalongs. To prove it I'll tell you that one of my all-time favorite rock & roll songs just happens to be, in its entirety, blatant inuendo for oral sex--but I didn't discover that until I'd been listening to it for at least ten years. I had memorized every note but never paid any attention to what they were singing.

5. (weird) I have a BB embedded in my thigh. When I was in eighth grade Scott Castleman shot me in the woods somewhere near Northland Country Club.

6. (random) Every day I learn a new way in which I am basically a carbon copy of my father.

7. (either I guess) I can't eat Taco Bell unless I'm already sitting on the toilet. Actually, I'm better off just unwrapping my tacos in the bathroom and just throwing them straight into the toilet.

Songbird said...

I'm smiling, thanks!

She Rev said...

I might play, too, but all I really want to say is - -

about #6 - - Does (do?) the Brothers Four work too?
"Angelique-o, Angelique-o" or
"Sama kama wacky brown (drowned)"

She Rev said...

OK. Not to clog up your comment box, that you might not see anyway - - - I have the SAME problem with my Weight Watchers deal. I can do 4-5 days fine, but the last 2-3 suck. Doesn't matter when I weigh in. I didn't weigh in today because I did it at home and I hate a gain on my card. I'll go next week after I stick to it better this week. I know the whole idea is weekly weigh ins, but I never skip more than one in row when I'm on the "loss" part of the plan. I've done this after babies which is why I have had to do it more than once (at least I have the excuse now while I'm having babies!)