Monday, October 02, 2006

Rip Van Winkle designs a web page

Friends. Here's the thing.

I think I once did not suck at web page design, or at least I was starting to get on the upper levels of the lower section of suckiness...BUT that was, like, three whole years ago. I'm working with Jeff on updating the church web site and I NOW KNOW NOTHING. Urgh.

And curse you blogger, with your super-silly easiness, for making me think the whole web design thing has been getting easier, when in reality it's just been getting trickier behind the scenes and behind my back.

I could go on and on. Like this: "back in MY day, we didn't design web pages using this C and this S and this other S..." But you've probably had enough whinging. So instead of hanging around here, while I keep making little wimpering sounds and banging my head against the keyboard,* you could say something useful and kind over at Going Jesus. Dear Sara has toxemia and is now on hospital bed rest at 31 weeks, and she still manages to get knitting done and also be funny. She's my hero.

*For those who are keeping track of if I'm really reducing the drama in my life, I should note here that I did not ACTUALLY bang my head against the keyboard. The wimpering sounds are real, though.

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