Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hank Needs a Project

So our new dog Hank is great, you know, but it's right what they say about a dog being a lot of work. Mostly because now, not only do I have to figure out a 4 year old boy's psychology, but also a 9 month old beagle pup mix's state of mind.

AND HE IS CHEWING EVERYTHING. Legos, brio trains, pencils, Bandolino (!) sandals, spatualas, stuffed animals, toilet paper (unused), toilet brush (used)....
This last week or so, I'm hardly ever not taking something out of his mouth.

I wrote to our trainer in desperation and her opinion is that he is not getting enough exercise, so she told me to (I am not kidding about this) "increase his cardio." Also, she told me that he might need some "projects" and since he's "not making good choices" in his selection of projects, it's a good idea for me to provide some. She suggests that big square thing that the kibble gets trapped in, that drives them crazy as they try to get it out. (20 bucks! But I guess cheaper than another pair of effing sandals.)

So, how about you, dog lovers? Any suggestions about projects for a dog who needs to keep busy?

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