Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Good bye, good boy

Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts. It was a sad little drop off yesterday when I took Hank back to the doggie day care that will be fostering him again. I thought I was pretty well cried-out by late afternoon when I got there, but then we walked in front of the door and I found I suddenly couldn't talk and I just stood there in front of the desk.
"Can I help you?"
More silence and then more tears and then "This is Hank."
And then the nice young woman behind the desk was crying, too.
Then I handed him over and he gave me the old sweetie-pie eyes until the nice woman called him and he followed her into the back room.
Well. He's moving on to his next thing now, and whatever that is, I just gotta believe it's the right thing for him.

A few thoughts:

At different times we've thought about doing foster care for physically disabled children. I am so not cut out for that. Evidenced by my difficulty letting this dog go after only two months with us.

We're waiting a while before we get another dog, but we'll try again. Eli's voting for, and I quote, "one with no teeth."

I can only conclude that the voice in my head saying "Hmmm, knew you couldn't handle it. Well, I TOLD you not to get a dog. I'm not surprised it didnt go well...." must be The Adversary since every single one of my actual human contacts has been so supportive and kind.


And a note to all you dear readers: I'm taking a little break from blogging (including reading and commenting on yours)for the next few days while I push out a piece of writing that is long past due. Many blessings to you all in these darkening days.

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