Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Things I've been distracted by while I've been supposed to be working on a secret project.

-First of all, thanks for the kind comments and calls re Hank. We healing up around the space he left.

-Didn't Anne Lamott say one time that sometimes a cold is worse than cancer? Well, I've been fortunate not to have encountered cancer up close, but I can say definatively that sometimes a cold is worse than muscular dystrophy. And when you add a couple other physical ailments on top of those two, it makes for one unhappy husband. So I guess we're still asking for your prayers. October has not been Our Month around here.

-So, it's not surprising that I can so relate to this post by Heather about Dissatisfaction In Spite of Life's Wonderfulness. Shout out to Heather: my spiritual director suggests that instead of always asking what is WRONG with myself, I should start asking how God is using that anxiety and irritation and desire for change. This actually works some of the time.

-Anyone know Wayne Muller? I saw him speak today and it was very wonderful - he was engaging, Spirit-filled, kind and honest. Although, he told us not to bother to take notes and I did anyway, and when I got home I couldnt really makes sense of them. Hopefully, I'll tease them out and post them here later. Question: Am I the only one who, when seeing someone give a speech, has to spend the first 10 minutes wondering what it would like to be married to the speaker (and then decide it would be intolerable because of three little tics I've noticed already) before I engage in the presentation?

-I've always enjoyed her blog, but lately I'm a daily reader. Have you been over to Going Jesus for the pix of that little 4 pounder? Oh, so cute!

-Just in case you were thinking of converting to The New Atheism, here's an article to dissuade you. And even if you weren't thinking of switching, it's worth checking out - well written and thought provoking:
On the one hand, it is obvious that the political prospects of the New Atheism are slight. People see a contradiction in its tone of certainty. Contemptuous of the faith of others, its proponents never doubt their own belief. They are fundamentalists.... The New Atheists never propose realistic solutions to the damage religion can cause. For instance, the Catholic Church opposes condom use, which makes it complicit in the spread of AIDS. But among the most powerful voices against this tragic mistake are liberals within the Church -- exactly those allies the New Atheists reject. The New Atheists care mainly about correct belief. This makes them hopeless, politically.

-I would accept any advice about how to organize an ecumenical Thanksgiving Eve service (by myself I guess since lots of calls and emails are going no where) with a group of pastors who have at best mild contempt for each other and at worst, well....let's not go to the worst, because, to quote Anne Lamott again, the worst would make Jesus want to drink gin right from the cat dish. Let's just say that, in our neighborhood, "that they may all be one" is still a beautiful but unrealized dream. Do you have to keep having a service year after year that no one wants? Can you cancel it one year and see if there's enough hew and cry to warrant bringing it back? Or is ministry by hew and cry not at all sustainable in the long run?

-Mostly I keep busy by eating and eating and eating. Ameteur psychologists: am I distracting myself from my unfinished project OR making my own padding, in a pathetic and misguided response to Jeff's recent car accident and possible fears about being in a future accident of my own OR am just plain stocking up for winter?

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