Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Elijah-logue

Him: That waitress, I sure hope he* can sleep at night.
Me: (wondering what lapses of morality he imagines the nice waitress capable of, that would render her insomniac) What are you talking about, honey?
Him: (with duh in his voice) There's no BEDS in the RESTAURANT.
Me: Oh sweetie, being a waitress is a job - like daddy works at the office and mommy works at church? SSShhhe** gets to go home at night to sleep.
Him: (with a huge sigh of relief) Oh, NOW I get it!

*When Teacher Amelia praised his grasp of the alphabet, giving as an example the way he kneels in the playground and writes his letters in the sand and Jeff said, "he wants to be a graphic designer" and I said "no, dear, he is imitating Christ" we were both however in agreement (as you must be also, reader!) on this practice as being yet another mark of his genius. However, as he is only four, he does not have a complete grasp of all the intricacies of English grammar, and he does still struggle with the third person pronoun, in that he refers to all persons of any gender by the "he." We trust this is something that he will outgrow, and does not any way indicate a tendency to lean toward the Thomas Aquinas-ish girls-are-just-broken-boys-with-no-johnsons worldview.

**Based on my modeling, when he finally DOES get that whole pronoun thing worked out, he's going to think that "she" is a three syllable word.

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