Saturday, February 16, 2008

Things I'm thinking about at 10:00 on a Saturday night

It's not worth it to get the cheap bandaids. Go ahead and spring for the brand name ones.

E's bike got a flat tire when we were out for our ride today, and he had to walk it a long a way back. I want to tell a good story about that, something uplifting or inspiring, but sometimes isnt life just like that? Sometimes you just have to walk back. I was, however, delighted when he said he was sad that he couldnt bike home. He had a feeling! And he knew what it was! And then he said it! I was, like 34 years old before I could do that.

Also he cracked me up in the bike shop where we went to get the tire fixed about the biking gloves he wanted, "I have my GERMS on them! I'm TOUCHING them! I have to get them NOW!" Speaking of things we had to do, I had to hide behind the rack of those shiny gym shorts to laugh. He did not get the gloves.

Since most of my winter posts in past years have been hour by hour updates on E's athsma (which I NEVER can spell), now that he has no. athsma., I have nothing to write about. He really did outgrow it, just like they said he would. Weird.

Talk among yourselves about how sometimes being a pastor means going out in one night to three different dinners that other people have totally organized and cooked for, and how bad that is for your weight watchers points, and how good it is for your psyche. Small groups kicked off tonight, and judging by the 3 I visited it was a good success. I had a conversation I've been wanting to have for awhile and it went well, I think.

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Songbird said...

I'm so glad it went well!