Monday, February 18, 2008

Health Update

2008 The Year Of Better Health Update

Weightwatchers: Down 8.6, up .6 for a total of down 8. As usual, I'm not astonished by how awesome this is, but it doesnt totally bum me out, either. I seem to be mostly sticking with it. And last night I dreamed I turned down a donut! Which is definately a sign of health of some kind, even if only in my subconscious.

Sleep: Last week, I set a new record for sleep. Tuesday - slept all day and all night. Weds, Thurs - slept regular. Friday - slept 10 hours. Saturday - slept 4 hours (curse you late night sermon writing habit). Sunday - slept 10 hours. I would like to balance this out and sleep like an actual 8 hours most every night. But I seem to have to pay off this sleep debt I've built up first.

Exercise: Mostly doing ok with walking some, and today excellent since I BIKED for an HOUR.

Ouchies: headache, occasional and managable; plantar faciitis, getting much better; unbloggable thing, not getting better or worse.

Sun: Shining! For two days in a row! Probably the best health news of all!

Arent you glad I'm blogging every day? I'm so fascinating now.

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Songbird said...

Good for you!
Now could you send a little sun this way?