Sunday, February 17, 2008

the stories we tell about ourselves

One of the stories I tell about myself is that I have a Black Thumb. The truth is that I would rather weed and prune than plant. What does this say about me? It's 8:17 pm on a Sunday night and I 'm not quite in the mood for self reflection, so I dont really know. It might not be metaphorical, but God's honest truth that stuff I plant tends to konk out, and stuff I weed tends to look better.

Anyway, we had a warm day today (I dont know if it actually got up to 60 degrees, but it felt good out there in the sun) and I spent an hour pulling ivy, the kind of work I like, and dreaming about what to do with the perfect lovely little vegetable garden spot that's all set up.

I think Im going to try 3 sisters. Plus carrots. Those seem like kid vegetables that I should be able to handle. And, maybe if I'm feeling really ambitious, lettuce. E wants a blueberry bush, but I just dont know. Somehow that sounds tricky.

Now, if only I keep the neighbors ivy, holly and blackberry over on the other side of the fence somehow.

And I notice this isnt sounding at all like the post of a gal who cant keep a garden. Stay tuned - maybe this is my summer to tell a new story.

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Mrs. M said...

Exciting post. I want to garden, but haven't mustered up either the patience or the dedication. Keep us updated!