Tuesday, February 26, 2008

John Thomas is my president

You'll probably hear soon about the IRS sending an investigative letter to the United Church of Christ, complaining about Barack Obama appearing at our Synod gathering last summer.

Here is why John Thomas is MY president:

"The very fact of an IRS investigation, however, is disturbing," Thomas said. "When the invitation to an elected public official to speak to the national meeting of his own church family is called into question, it has a chilling effect on every religious community that seeks to encourage politicians and church members to thoughtfully relate their personal faith to their public responsibilities."

Read the whole article here.


Mrs. M said...

Nice. Thanks for sharing that.

Katherine said...

Yikes, that's crazy!

Go John Thomas. I've been a fan ever since he had Sponge Bob visit his office... :-)

Songbird said...

I love that man.

Mary Beth said...

I thought the same thing! He certainly articulated it well for me! :)

I love the UCC!