Thursday, February 28, 2008

Juniper and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day*

Today, after one of those 11 hour work days in which I woke up worried; did not have time for a real shower so had to have a quick rinse instead; discovered that I have made a bad decision that is going to take some time to undo; had to turn down a fabulous offer that would have meant earning some money and having fun, but which just came at a bad time; had to claim my authority more than once; had to scold people; did not recognize someone I should've on the phone; blew someone off and then felt bad about it; got lied to by one of two parties but I don't know which one; strolled when I meant to power walk; watched something embarrassing happen without stopping it; tried to apologize and probably made it worse; ate a lot of crap; was surprised and not in a good way; had a power struggle -
after THAT day,
I turned out of the church parking lot and got behind a school bus that at 8:24 pm was letting people OUT and stopping all traffic to do so; turned left onto the freeway away from the bus and got behind cars going 28 in the 35 mile an hour zone; stopped at Trader Joes for bananas (because I'm DAMNED if I'm going to make a special trip on my day off tomorrow for one thing), turned left out the lot and got right behind the street sweeper, making his ponderous rounds; and thought,

Some days are like that. But at least you can blog about it.

*Is it still plagarizing if I say "Thanks Judith Viorst."?


Kathryn said...

What can one say, except TGIF?
Enjoy some space today xx

Magdalene6127 said...

I hope today is sweet and still, friend.

cheesehead said...

You made my week sound awesome! I'll probably return the favor soon...


more cows than people said...

"at least i can blog about it"

yes... shit. wow. bless you, friend. i'm being fiercely protective of this day off too!

Kirstin said...


A peaceful day off to you.

Sue said...

Oh sweetie, that is one awful week. I hope you have enjoyed a good day off.

Love the new blog look!

Songbird said...

Even in Australia, sweetie. Even in Australia.