Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What I've been thinking about today

There are so many things that are difficult about part time jobs in ministry, but the most difficult, in my opinion, is too much time to sit around thinking and talking about stuff and not enough time spent DOING it.

Today I'm thinking about what it means to really be a Christian, and why, if I really am one and therefore a follower of Christ, there is no way that I will take in either of the people described by my colleague today - one a young man who will get out of prison 9 months early if he can get someone to offer him a place to stay, and the other a young woman and baby fleeing an abuser.

This after an impassioned and heartfelt conversation about classism, economic oppression, and our important roles as purveyors of the gospel in fighting same.

And now, I'm BLOGGING about it. So that's like talking about it twice, and I've been thinking about it all day. Just don't ask me what I'm DOING about it.

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