Monday, March 05, 2007


I've been reading all your blogs, which I havent done for a while, and now I'm down only to only 13 percent battery power on the laptop, so instead of the long meditation I was planning, here's a few random points of Monday night.

  • Went to vespers on Saturday night at a Russian Orthodox church with a friend who's converting (from Baptist) and I kind of loved it. Serious, mysterious, and kids everywhere. Take that, congregationalists whose 12 year olds "just can't sit that long" on a Sunday morning. Afterward, we went out for sushi. Sometimes the modern world blows my mind.

  • Jeff and I both dreamed about a golden retriever last night. A big, shaggy one - although his was red and mine was more golden. What does THAT mean?

  • There was that Rev Gals Friday Five recently about creativity, which reminded me about a post I started once a while back titled: My Beef With Creativity. I'm not sure what got me going anymore, but I had my dander up about people who talk about "creativity" but really mean "be playful like me." Because I'm creative, but not particularly playful, and if I'm going to have PLAY in order to be creative with you, then count me out. Anyway, it was something grouchy and self-righteous like that.

  • I'm so impressed with those of you whose Lenten practice is reading or praying more. Turns out doing Weight Watchers doesn't make you really feel any closer to God. It just makes you think about your points all the time (Um, vacuuming. 20 minutes. How many points is that?). But I'm keeping it up until Easter and going for something actually spiritual next year.

  • Yes, it was 60 degrees here today. And yes, I did take my son to a little woods to play for two hours. And yes, it was sweet.

  • We've been re-watching all the Lord of the Rings movies. And all the extras. And the title comes from a Tolkien word they talk about in one of the thousands of hours we've watched so far - eucatastrophe: the unexpected turning of bad to good. It's Lent and I'm getting ready for a little of that.

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