Monday, February 19, 2007

Under the bed

Looking for a pair of earrings under the bed. This is a good pre-Lenten exercise - to clear away the dark cloud that has kind of hung over our house this winter. What is revealed by us if you know that under the bed (besides the dust bunnies, natch) was to be found:
  • 1 checker (black)

  • 1 playing card (three of clubs)

  • agenda for workshop from Friday, October 27, 2006 "How Shall I Live, Knowing I Will Die" with notes from me on the back, and one corner torn off

  • empty wrapper, cough drop

  • empty wrapper, pepto bismol

  • half full tube of ben gay

  • empty tube, albuteral for the nebulizer

  • 3 kleenxes

  • pair of earrings, matching. (Not the ones I was looking for. Where ARE those?)

  • 2 socks, not a pair

  • 25 dollar gift certificate from that we thought I had thrown away!

  • tag, that I do not remember removing, reading "UNDER PENALTY OF LAW, THIS TAG IS NOT BE REMOVED EXCEPT BY THE CONSUMER"

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