Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm just saying

I'm just saying that if you are trying to get rid of drama in your life, it's hard to do when:
you have to call 911 at 11:30 at night because suddenly your son cant breathe because of asthma and croup together,
he pukes two times on the nice fireman who says "Oh, yes, I remember you Elijah,"
you and he get an ambulance ride which is disappointing in that no sirens are actually employed
you get to the hospital where your son gets doses and doses of the medicine that makes him go from having a hard time breathing to having an easy time breathing, to working over the ER room like a little coke addict,
it's five in the morning and you get a taxi ride from a guy who wants to know about the name Elijah and before you know it you're telling him all about the baby boom nine months after September 11 and prophets and dreams
you sleep then, but not for quite long enough.

In case you were wondering, I'm just saying it's hard to give up drama under these circumstances.

PS: We're all doing much better now - getting caught up on sleep and stuff. And breathing. Yeah for breathing.

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