Monday, February 12, 2007

Points of Monday Randomness

  • I'm going to the SPA tomorrow!!! I'm sort of counting the minutes until I can be all floaty and toasty. This is what's getting me through the winter. Once a month in the warm water sure is cheaper than a weekend someplace where sun actually shines. It came to my attention something had to change last year when I heard myself say "well, YOU know how it is in Febuary, how you cry all day every day..." and got only blank stares.

  • Went to the cub scout banquet tonight which is a big deal for lots of our church folks and forgot we'd all be saying the Pledge of Allegiance as part of that. Have you said it in awhile? I'm usually vaguely against it in a progressive-Christian-so-my-allegiance-is-to-God-only sort of way, but there's something stirring and hopeful about it when it catches you by surprise. I really let 'er rip on "and JUSTICE for all..."

  • Since I can't say it from the pulpit (and since, as far as I know, no one from my church reads this blog, but if you do please ignore it when I say:) Barak Obama! Barak Obama! Barak Obama!

  • My pal came to our church to share liturgical dance this weekend, so we sat together and prayed and sang and giggled, just like when we were in school. I love liturgical dance that is about rejoicing and not about DAWNCing and being so very serious.

  • Just finished Why Men Hate Going To Church. It's just basically that Sam Keen fire in the belly wildman stuff dressed up in twentyfirst century christian clothes, and some of it couldn't help but piss me off, but at the same time it really was a call to action, not just for "earthy" or "high-octane" (gack) men but for all of us. We probably DO present Christianity as too safe and soothing. So based on a little anecdote in the book, I'm thinking of preaching about the Shackelton expedition which is not my usual, you know, kind of thing (Help, Mr. Garrison?). Do you think it would be too much to call the sermon "Mo and Pete's Excellent Adventures"?

  • I wrote a little love letter about Peacebang to that guy at the Boston Globe, and then, GUESS WHAT? PB HERSELF called to say thanks!! It was like getting a call from CHER. I kept checking my hair in the mirror (um, no one can see your hair over the PHONE, silly pastor) and kicking myself for not being hilarious enough. But that was so cool! Thanks for calling, Peacebang, and call again, anytime! Next time, I'll try not to be hyperventilating.

  • But who cares if I'm hilarious or gorgeous or cool or whatever....I'm going to the SPAAAAAAh tomorrow! Did I mention the spa? That I'm going to tomorrow?? I'll be praying for all of you, out there in real person land.

  • Edited to add: Oh, yeah. Weight Watchers. I almost forgot to check in about this, by which you can surmise it's not going all that great. I'm pretty cranky still, and doing stuff like counting cheetos (21 in an ounce!) that reflect the letter but not, you know, the SPIRIT of eating better. But, tomorrow is my weigh in day, and I'm trying to think of it as a fresh start. How can I be cranky and snacky? I'll be at the...

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