Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Full (Size) Disclosure

It had no doubt come to your attention that all the coolest people are weight-watchering. And I've been leaving these encouraging little comments everywhere, patting them on their virtual heads and saying "good for you. I'VE done that, but I'm so over it now."

Except that now I cant FIT into my CLOTHES. So, I re-signed up tonight for the on-line weight watchers and I figure I'll make it my Lent practice. I can do anything until EASTER.

I started this morning. Got up early, walked for 30 minutes, weighed in (176 pounds) ate breakfast (oatmeal, banana, water), went to work, had a snack (hard boiled egg, cup of green tea), talked to the senior pastor, sent a few emails and thank you cards, ate lunch (salad of romaine lettuce with lemon, garbanzo beans, the other hardboiled egg, canadian bacon [just found out I accidentally got a snack kind that is TONS of points. crap.]; rice cake; wedge of laughing cow cheese; 100 calorie packet of cookies.) Made some phone calls, sent some more emails. Had a snack (the other rice cake, the other wedge of cheese, an apple). Left work. Picked up kid at daycare. Went to the library. Went to the drug store. Came home and had dinner (whole wheat spaghetti with sauce, broccoli, pretzels). Hung out, put kid to bed. Had a snack (plain lowfat yogurt with a banana and some cinnamon). Typed all food and exercise into weight watchers site. Had a snack (low fat popcorn).

Friends, I'm so grouchy. I have been eating ALL DAY. And I'm still hungry. Sheesh. I think I'll go have a bowl of shredded wheat now.

One thing's cheering me up though. I sneakily left my new copy of Why Men Hate Going to Church laying in plain site and A Husband Who Hates Going To Church is reading it even as I type this. Heh.

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