Thursday, March 13, 2008

What We're Listening To

Well, it's Lent, so of course it's all Jesus Christ Superstar all the time around here.

J is listening to Bread, Steely Dan and Chicago. "It's like you're five years old again, and it all comes back. The wood paneling, those fuzzy foot stickers and that feeling of expansiveness, and how big the world is when you're five, you know?"

See why I love him?


more cows than people said...


fuzzy foot stickers? hmm.... not remembering that. stickers-yes. fuzzy stickers-yes. feet- yes. fuzzy foot stickers- nope. maybe i remember squishy foot stickers though.


cheesehead said...

Wow. I was so. not. five. in the 70's.

"Bread" reminds me of the first really slimy boyfriend I had back then.


~~feels old~~

Sue said...

Hey, I had those fuzzy foot stickers!! I think my sister even had a big fuzzy foot rug in her room.

Yea, good times.

And yes, like Cheese, I was definitely not five in the 70s.

Juniper said...

Cheese - maybe the slimy boyfriend problem is why I cant stand Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd.

More shuddering....

Songbird said...

We're listening to Bread and JCS, too. What a weird confluence!