Saturday, March 29, 2008

Postcard from Florida

I know it makes no difference to you, dear virtual reader, from whence I come, but I am writing this in Sarasota where the sun is warm, the margaritas are cold and the sand!  well, I got nothing to say about the sand that hasn't already been said, except that it's great.

Today we saw 2 egrets, a multiplicity of lizards and, according to the sign we had just finished reading at the botanical garden, a so-called "harmless" black snack (shudder).  Also, saw banyon trees, sun-burned people and the Waffle House, but which we know for sure we are in the real South.

We are missing Daddy J.  On the phone he says he is feeling better - fever's gone! hurrah! -  and tomorow  after  church and before bowling (if E gets his way) OR the beach party where everyone brings drums and dances (if Juniper gets her way) we are going (shhh, dont tell him if you see him as we want it to be a surprise) beachcombing for the very biggest shark tooth we can find to bring home.  It's a bummer to be stuck in rainy Portland when your family is enjoying a tropical vacation, but I think a shark tooth is probably a better consolation prize than the tshirt I did not buy him at the Houston airport during our layover: "NASA: Failure is NOT an option!"

More later.  In the meantime, hang loose or whatever it is us beach bums say.


Sue said...

Ah, it's good to know someone is enjoying sun, somewhere. Not so much here. Snow today.


jdirksen said...

You were/are in Sarasota?! Oh man, *I* was in Sarasota until yesterday evening. I even drove past your dad's church yesterday afternoon and thought about you. Surely we should have randomly run into each other -- that would have been a much better story. Maybe we should pretend that we did.

- Julie D