Monday, December 10, 2007

When I say everything is broken, I do not exaggerate

Might it be that they all missed the ex-office admin, whose last day was Friday?  How else to explain why, on a day when I was an hour late getting to the office by reasons mostly beyond my control, 
the furnace
my printer
the main office computer
the adding machine
were all malfunctioning?

Or maybe it was just some karma I had to work out today (I KNOW you buddhists, that karma doesn't work that way, it's just the best word at that moment) since when I got home the kitchen sink was plugged and when I went to get the draino at the store, the credit card swiper  wouldn't read my card.

The draino didn't work, either, for the record.


Anonymous said...

oh, blech. (((juniper)))

today has to be better.

-more cows

Tess said...

I think inanimate objects have their own secret internet site where they conspire together to cause problems to random people just because they resent not being able to eat yummy food when we can. Today was your turn.

Kathryn said...

Yup - I'm with Teri. My day was last now coming up for air.
Many sympathies

juniper68 said...

thanks for the kind words, all. today WILL be better :)

Songbird said...

Oh my goodness.
Some days...