Friday, December 21, 2007

I, 2, 3

Today is my favorite worship service of the year - The Longest Night service.  At my previous churches, this has been a little thing, with maybe a dozen people.  I'm introducing this service at my new place, and everyone is still being kind and enthusiastic about everything, and lots of people say they are coming.  Lots of candles, a few readings, lots of quiet music and silence, silence, silence......Oh, I can hardly wait.

Sunday, switching dramatic gears, will be the chaos of a spontaneous Christmas Pageant (Thanks for the script, Sue!  Which I adapated and I hope will work - I'll let you know.).  Everything is in place that can be, so it's mostly a matter of prayer now. 

Monday, lots of visits I hope and then a festival of lessons and carols, which is being totally set up by our music director who (listen, mom!) experienced it LIVE AT KINGS COLLEGE last winter!!  So cool.  Hopefully, our slightly less polished version wont be disappointing to him.

Then - TWO DAYS OFF in a row.  When people ask me what I'm doing for Christmas, I just look at them kind of glassy-eyed.  I cannot imagine.  But I think it will have a lot to do with opening presents (E's request), the fireplace and a stack of books as tall as the Christmas tree.


mzb said...

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more cows than people said...

hope the service was great tonight- or rather that it is going great right now.

blessings through the next three days... and then through the rest. yes!