Tuesday, December 11, 2007

#401 - The Most Boring Blog Post Ever

Hey,that last post was my 400th, it turns out.

That today was much kinder than yesterday, although busy, so busy.

Because even when everything doesn't break at once, everything does happen at once.

Although when that everything is a lot of people wishing you happy birthday, that is pretty nice.

Those of you who own houses, how often do you have visits from service people?

Because we are averaging one per week.

Which, though pleasant in its way, is something of a strain on the budget.

Tonight, the plumber, who fixed our clogged garbage disposal while he told us a lot about his six kids, his friends' kids that live with him, his new house that he's going to buy if it goes through that has twelve bedrooms, and his pets, including an African blue (a bird), a lab, a bunch of reptiles and a tarantulas.

We cant even keep a house plant alive.

We do, however, have a Christmas tree, which is looking good.

Talked on Skype video with my bro and sister in law tonight. Have you ever done that? It is cool! And free!

E's Sunday school teacher wants us to be sure to know that she did not teach him to end the song with "...go tell it on the MOUNtain, that JEEZus CHRIST eats cheese!"
I did not tell her that we, in fact taught him that to save us all from something much more scatological.

Although, he is now singing himself to sleep with Away In the Manger like the most angelic 5 year old who ever lived.

Maybe I should record it, and send it to someone on Skype.


more cows than people said...

Happy Birthday, a day late! i'm so glad you were born!

and your blog posts are never boring.

Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday from here too - and hopes that you've seen the last of your succession of interesting and helpful workmen, even with the associated menagerie.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!PPB