Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve Eve

You know how you think you've pretty much got it together, but then you wonder why you're feeling so munchy at 8 pm? And you realize it's because you forgot all about dinner.

E usually has a little bowl of oatmeal before bed. I remembered to give him that. Do you think it will last him the night?

Hmm, parenting isn't going so well, let's talk about church. The two Christmas services so far have gone almost unbelievably well. I keep trying to remember to keep it in perspective, because the honeymoon never lasts, blah, blah, blah, but I love. this. church. so. much.

I learned an important thing this weekend, the not-so-easy way. If someone you can count on doesnt show up, and you think "I should call" and then you think, "Nah, something probably just came up, it's the holidays and all...." - really, you should call.

E was delighted to show me the fuzzy slippers and new matchbox car that he found! The slippers just fit and the matchbox car was just the kind he likes, with the engine that opens! Next year, I will have to stash the stocking stuff in a more secure locale, evidently.

If you'd like a little break (from holiday stress, inlaws, what have you) may I suggest that you go to You Tube and search for ABBA? That will cheer you right up.

And if that doesnt, work, try this instead: (tip of the habit to Sue).

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