Friday, January 12, 2007

Sick Day

Looking back, I should have seen it coming. There was the little cough that he, along with everyone at preschool, has. He fell asleep in the car a couple days ago, which he hasn't done for months or maybe years. And there was that thrashy sort of whining that I just wrote off as Being Four (which is maybe it's own kind of illness).

Anyway, other than that, he was his regular old self and I didn't see it coming. On Wednesday at 5:30, we left Gymnastics for Boys. By 5:38, he was working on a fever, and a bad cough that continued all night, and all day yesterday. He seems better this morning, but still working to breath.

This is how it is be Elijah. He's either UberHealthy or UberNotHealthy, without much in between. When he's well, in a weird way, except for daily inhalers, we sort of forget about his asthma. Then when he's sick, asthma is kind of all there is. Sometimes - a couple times a year I would say - the treatments we give him here are not enough, so we take him to the hospital. Which is not all bad - he thinks of the nurses as kind of 24-7 waitresses who bring him chocolate pudding whenever he pushes a button and there's the All Spongebob All The Time Channel, too. But however relaxing it is for the boy, the hospital is pretty stressful for the rest of us, so we usually put it off as long as possible.

We'll probably know by tonight if this will be a hospital-visit kind of illness or one that that we can push back by ourselves. So today is about watching and waiting and lots of praying. The fever is gone, as of about midnight, but there's still the cough.

We dont know what the weekend holds. But of course, when do we ever?

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