Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Advice and Information

Can anyone tell me....

1. What is a playdate to a 4 year old? This actually is a question that is like those Russian dolls that you keep finding another one in, because it contains so many other questions inside. So far, when Eli has hung out with friend, I either hang out with the other parent, who is always someone I know well, or they watch him, so I can go do other stuff. Now, he wants to have a playdate with this kid from preschool. So, do I invite the kid over, (into The House of Pestilence. Eek!)? If E goes over there once, am I then obligated to have the other boy over here later? How long does the whole thing last? Am I supposed to invite the mom, who I know by name but not otherwise, over too? If he goes over to his friend's house, can I go with him to check it out, stay for a few minutes and leave, or am I supposed to hang out and drink tea? Do I have start making a bunch of new FRIENDS now?

2. What is the difference between "top sirloin" and "tenderloin" ?

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