Monday, January 29, 2007

Lightening Up

My goodness, this blog has gotten gloomy lately. I think I'm learning a lot, and it comes out all intense sometimes. But, remembering that learning can be fun, here's some joyful learnings from the weekend, just to balance out the serious ones:

  • A person can have bronchitis for weeks and weeks, and then recover. I came home from church yesterday and found a well husband at home! And he's at work today!

  • Church budget meetings can be sort of invigorating. We don't spend too much time usually talking about What Really Matters, and the budget meeting is certainly a time to surface some stuff that is usually underground.

  • After a doctor visit in which the doc suggests that maybe your son is not getting enough sleep, you can say each night, "It's 8 oclock, Dr. Matin says lights out" and it will work for weeks and weeks.

  • If you knit a really easy hat and you use, not size 7 as suggested, but size 11 needles (the only size you have, from your prayer shawl days), the hat will look ridiculous.

  • But it will be welcome in the dress up box.

  • Or you can pull it apart, and knit it again. Yarn is forgiving that way.

  • And it's so easy to make, you can get some other needles and start a new one the very same day without feeling even a little grouchy.

  • Which is a lovely excuse to go to Joanne's, which you usually must avoid because of Random Acts of Buying.

  • Today, you did pretty good. In addition to needles, you came away with a packet of soccer ball shaped beads (99cents) and four new dish towels (2.98 for two).

  • There's probably nothing cuter than your son saying "I'm making a valentine's card for daddy and the yellow cab he's riding to work in." unlesss it's him clutching the the Quizno's delivery menu which was just delivered to the doorknob and chanting "I'm lucky, I'm lucky, I'm lucky, lucky, lucky."

  • Some movies that hold up to multiple viewings are The Truman Show and (blushing, but this blog is all about the truth and it IS the truth) Footloose.

  • If you put some new bumper stickers on your car that say We Cannot Rid the World of Sorrow, But We Can Choose To Live In Joy - Joseph Campbell; Faith is Journey, Not a Guilt Trip; I'm for Separation of Church and Hate; What if the Hokey Pokey IS What It's All About?; and Jesus,you're gonna feel a little more sheepish than usual for cutting a guy off. Even if he is going TWENTY TWO MILES AN HOUR.

  • Wash the two windows that get the most slanty winter sun. It will seem like you've accomplished something stupendous, and you can take the rest of the day off.

  • Nothing makes you feel as sophisticated as talking about yourself in the third person. Keep doing that.