Friday, January 12, 2007


I feel tired today, but I must have slept because I woke up after a night of dreaming.

At 4 am, I jumped out of bed because of the spiders, then realized that colony of spiders were not ACTUALLY spinning their webs above the bed.

Then I fell back to sleep and dreamed that St Casserole and I were in a high, sunny room and we were leading a prayer circle. I asked Elijah if he'd like to lead us in prayer, so he took the bowl of water he was holding and dumped half of it over his own head, then walked around the circle, patting everyone's face with the water. (Hmm, I don't usually keep the lectionary cycle in my dreams...). Well, in the dream, it was so sweet that my heart wanted to burst, but then St Cass and I had to mop up all that water.

I woke up thinking about baptisms and blessings and hearing the boy coughing and gasping a little. Inhaler time. He fussed at first, but then the drugs kicked in and he got chatty and funny. Then he started to hum, but woozily, like a tiny drinker in the middle of a bender.
"What song is that, honey?"
And, muffled but clear through the mask:
You know, mommy.
Thank you, thank you
Thank you in the morning,
thank you in the evening
Thank you, thank you
Thank you when
the sun goes down!

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