Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Five

by way of the Rev Gals, and with thanks to Songbird:

Tell us all about:

1) a dream you remember from childhood
In my late teens, I had a dream about driving across country with a friend and ending up on a high cliff overlooking a sunset on the ocean. For a midwestern girl, it was an incredibly powerful, freeing image. And, 15 years later, it came true when I moved way out west!

2) a recurring or significant dream
The most significant dream I've ever had was when I was pregnant with Eli.
I was walking through a vineyard and saw a kind, beautiful man picking grapes. He said something encouraging to me (cant remember what he said, but later I realized the man must have been Jesus - he doesnt appear in my dreams very often) and I kept walking. I walked fast as I came to and went up the steep hill and did not feel tired. When I got the top of the mountain, I saw a huge statue, like the one ones on Easter Island, of a mother holding a child. Two little blonde boys ran by, one of them pulling a kite, and shouted "What's the name of that baby?" and I answered back "His name is Elijah" and it echoed all across the mountain like "Elijah-ah-ah-ah...."
During my pregnancy, we tried a lot of other names on for size, but none of them stuck. When he was born a month early, we still hadn't decided, but when the doctor held him up and said, "what's his name?," I answered just as clear as in the dream "His name is Elijah!" so that was it.

3) a nightmare
Oh, not long ago I had a nightmare in which I couldnt find my husband or son - it was pitch dark and I was calling for them and feeling panicky. Then I heard my husbands calm voice saying "we're right here - just open your eyes and you will see us."

4) a favorite daydream
My favorite daydream is that I will feel settled somewhere.
I always have the feeling that whatever I'm doing it's just temporary until the next thing comes along and sometimes that's very exhausting.

5) a dream for the New Year
I've been having lots of wonderful, complicated dreams every night (I was in a rollercoaster recently and it was AWESOME, much better than real life, where rollercoasters make me sick) and my dream is for God to continue to speak to me in my dreams.

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