Saturday, December 30, 2006

Prayer for my son

In going back through old posts (Thank you Blogger for the magic of labels!), I found this which I wrote last spring but never posted. I dont know why. Maybe it was too tender then. But for those of you preaching soon on The Boy Jesus, and for all of us wondering about the incarnation, it seems right now.


You were four years old, once.

Did you learn new things every day? Did you take pride in those things? Did you bounce? Did you giggle?

Did your friends hurt you in the careless way of children? Did you cry, then? Did you struggle to make yourself heard - and when heard - understood?

Yes. To all of these, yes. Then you know, Jesus, and understand, better than me (who can barely remember this time in life.) I can see that so much feels out of his control, so much is yet to be learned, so much is frightening, so much is exhilerating. I can't stop him from feeling confused, sometimes, and frustrated. But you can.

Be with my son in these tumultuous days. Surround him and fill him with your love. Help him to find balance in you.

And I ask the same for me.

In your awesome name,

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