Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things that make it better

-a vase of yellow roses
-"Process is more important than outcome."
-Mediteranian Pizza for dinner (spinach, olives, pinenuts,feta, garlic, zukes and romas)
-and then baklava for dessert
-red leaves, yellow leaves, orange leaves
-good friend on the phone
-ok hair day
-sunshine through rain because SOMEWHERE there's a rainbow
-a boy who puts "pottery wheel" on the top of his October Christmas Wish List
-2 recommended books arriving in the mail
-The Land of Oz
-someone telling it like it is, but kindly
-prayers for sick friends
-getting one more day to pay the thing that is already late
-wearing my favorite sweater all day for the second day in a row
-a dog who doesnt need too much but to know that we are close by
-a voice from another time zone
-and remembering kissing too soon and everyone laughing


Songbird said...

Just a virtual hug, but hope it helps.

Sarah S-D said...

a good list. much love to you, friend.

Sue said...

a good list indeed. I'll second the Land of Oz - it will just about always take you to somewhere good.