Monday, October 12, 2009

Cruising dog postings...

on, and really I'm amazed that no one has written a novel based on these. I mean, the posts have everything - love, despair, grief, joy, as well as all of life's changes: divorce, death, birth, moving.

Everyones has their own method for getting rid of a dog, and it's fascinating to read the different approaches. For example, there's the well-organized:
There has definately been some training (sitting, down, no, etc.), but must be consistent and firm. He comes with a nice large kennel, a brand new dog bed, food, dishes, two different collars, a raincoat, treats, etc. We have receipts for items and all his paperwork. It is the most important item on our agenda to find this gorgeous animal the best home possible! Please e-mail us with any questions! Thankyou!!
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there's desperate:
My Puppies, 12-weeks are brother and sister who need an excellent home. I would keep them but I lost my Job and can't afford my apt fees. PLEASE, THEY HAVE TO BE SOLD TOGETHER. It breaks my heart to seperate them
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there's practical
I am a disabled Senior. I have had this dog since she was 5 wks old. I got her to train as my Service Dog, and I have been diligently trying to train her as my Service Dog, but I have become too "disabled" to finish the training. I do not want to re-home her, but she has gotten to be too much for me to handle. I need a mellower dog. She is pure-bred and viable. She has a wonderful loving personality. Her conformation is perfect! She loves everyone!
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But however they write them, see how much more you learn about the people than about the dogs? Fascinating.

Not in the market for another dog, btw, at least not in the immediate future. Sometime would like another pup, probably a smaller one. And when I do, I hope it's a cutie like this one (so adorable, I'm posting him twice!)

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