Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bonus Elijahlogue or Uh-Oh, Mommy Better Get a Hobby

E: I watched this show about how things work and they took apart this exercise machine, what do you call it? (moves arms and legs as if skiing)

Mommy: Oh, the elliptical machine.

E: Yeah! Maybe you could watch that show with me sometime, when they call it How to Make A Church.

Mommy: Wait a minute, I'm interested in other things, besides church.

E: (thoughtfully) Hm. I did not know that.

And scene.

Brought this up at clergy group today and joked it was time to get a hobby, so someone suggested I take up snowboarding. Well, thanks, but if by "hobby" you mean "spending a week's wages to risk my neck by speeding down an icy mountain," I'll pass. I'm taking other suggestions, though.

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Sarah S-D said...

too funny. caroline is going to be saying that about reading and writing some day.... for sure.

knitting? tis fun... and i can't seem to find time for it these days. let me live vicariously through you.