Sunday, October 04, 2009

Full Moon Week Review

Wondering why I was feeling a wee bit edgy this Sunday night, then looked back over the week.

Which began, let us say, last Sunday when I celebrated Sunday afternoon by hurting a dear one's feelings. Partly becuase I was cranky because I was too busy. Too busy to cook. Ordered pizza for dinner. But they couldnt send the one we wanted because they were out of tomatoes. At the pizza joint.

Then, celebrated Monday morning with a broken wheelchair (the indoor transfer one, not the cool new one), a dramatic backward fall, seemingly -but evidently not - right on the head, resulting in a bruised, but somehow in no other way damaged, husband.
Got to work late, but led Bible study anyway with the patient folk. And, worked with a crew on the church library culling and re-org to send 200+ more books to this year's rummage sale (Because biographies of missionaries are interesting but only to a point, you know?) Then, came home from day of moving books to rearrange the bedroom furniture.

The rest of the week included:
Having my first first-day-of-school since 1998. Having the second to last meeting before we sign our lives away with the guy who's going to take out our kitchen and put a new one in. Worrying my mother. Engaging in several intense but profitable conversations. Brainstorming about transfer wheelchair - fix it, or something new? - and deciding to fix it. In the meantime, performing lots of extra transfer help. Lunching with two new friends, which took longer than usual because they were somehow out of bread. At the sandwich place. Doing dishes. Doing laundry. Making the bed. Packing lunches, but not every day. Not sweeping. Not dusting. Driving E to school, or taking him to the bus. Picking E up from school, or picking him up at the bus. Trying to find the new library signs so the community service worker could put them up. Not finding them. Seeing them three days later in plain sight on a chair. Eating a lot of ice cream. Reading several chapters of that second Mysterious Benedict book out loud. Going to the library but forgetting the books that need returning. Checking out more books anyway. Bragging about the sweetness of church folk and then having bragging confirmed. Trying to be encouraging to the rummage sale crew. Not pre-buying at the rummage sale. Going to Freddies for new socks for a fast growing boy. Trying on a shirt. Not buying it. Going to the grocery store at least twice, maybe three times. Attending two days of conference meetings. Forgetting to take either my phone or my wallet to the second day of meetings. Borrowing other people's phones. Borrowing other people's money. Not drinking the wine, but eating too many of the cookies. Hearing a really amazing sermon and a very inspiring keynote. Helping a second grader with homework. Reconnecting with a much appreciated former mentor. Meeting someone I've been wanting to meet. Praying with the Irish Jesuits, once. Dropping off wheelchair to be fixed. Getting a friend to pick up fixed wheelchair. Picking up fixed wheelchair from friend's house. Walking dog on new trail. Going back to Freddies. Trying on shirt again, plus six others. Also, a skirt. Not buying any of them. Deciding fixed wheelchair will not work. Remembering that one lever that adjusts the seat and deciding fixed wheelchair will work after all. Canceling a lunch date. Not reaching cancel-ee, because she left her cell phone at home by accident. Also her keys. In locked house. Feeling relief that I'm not the only one who does stuff like that. Trying to get the furnace going. Not getting the furnace going. Heating with wood. Getting up at 4:45 (yes, that is AM) to get Jeff to the train station. Picking him up again 14 hours later. Not calling Sarah back, but thinking about her alot. Comforting a crying 9 year old and a crying 7 year old at the same time. Trying to figure out what is going on in a committee I had my first meeting with. Receiving an overdue notice from the library. Learning about the sickness of the right-hand-everything-guy. Therefore. Putting together a bulletin for the first time in a while. Finding musicians for worship this morning. Scheduling two things at once. Singing in church. Having a meeting about something new, exciting, scary.

I think I actually worked, too, you know at my actual job. A week like this does make it hard to keep up my new Dorothy Sayers habit, however.

THIS week is already starting out more promisingly, however, with good friend time, lentil soup and a full-moon dog walk. Keep breathing, friends. I will too.


Sarah S-D said...


curious about the first day of school thing, for E? so late in the fall?

you are SO not the only one who leaves cell and money, etc. all. the. time.

glad for a better start to this week.

Rachel said...

Yowza! My week felt busy, but now I feel like it was a breeze.

Dorothy Sayers will wait for you. May I also recommend the audiobooks recorded by Ian Carmichael?

smooches from the nursing chair and the changing table.

Songbird said...

Are you taking a class? Do tell. So glad your husband is okay.

Juniper said...

Hey there folks - thanks for asking about the school. I am taking a class officially called "Introduction to Nonprofit Managment" - unofficially called by me "everything you didnt learn in seminary and were afraid to ask"

Its the first in a certificate program at Portland State University. So, if it works out and I take the other 5 or 6 classes or whatever, I can have a Certificate In Non Profit Management. But for now, I'm just aking it one class at a time. So far, LOVE it. But no surprise -- ALWAYS love school :)