Monday, August 13, 2007

Harry Potter Fan Club Member

Hey, remember how I used to be so casual about the whole Harry Potter thing? Remember how I didnt really get it? Remember how I couldnt answer that question about what which one was my favorite, because I was pretty sure I hadnt read all of them and, and the ones I had read I was pretty sure I hadnt read all the way through?

That was all before I picked up the copy of 7 I got for Jeff at Target a week or so ago when there was nothing else around to read, and 12 hours later looked up all bleary eyed and heart poundy. I havent read a book in one big gulp like that for a while. Hurrah for cousins to play with the boy so mommy can read. Anyway, before my nap, I'm checking into say:

People who say HP is somehow antiChristian are not drinking from the same fountain I'm at, unless they like their christianity without all the sacrifice and love parts. (And what's left is....??)

I would have read it a lot sooner if you all'd told me how delightfully quidditch free # 7 is. Turns out I cannot love organized sports no matter how much I try, and all that sport was kind of bogging me down.

I wish I would have read more carefully hitherto. I feel like I missed a lot of, you know, plot.

Ok, gotta sleep now.

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