Monday, August 27, 2007

Feeling so good and then...

I was feeling pretty good about everything when I posted this entry at noon.
Now it is 7 or so, and I just realized I put it on the wrong blog. So maybe I'm not doing quite as good as I thought. But I'm hoping a night of sound sleep will put everything right.
Full moon blessings, everyone. Here's my noon thoughts.

Tomorrow is our real live moving day. Today is the day the packing guys are here - three 23 year old whirlwinds, which is why I'm typing instead of packing. In the future, whatever you have to hock it worth it to have the packing guys, fyi. Took them something under four hours to get all our worldly possessions into boxes (Including the wet towels from this morning's showers that were drying on the racks in the bathroom. Um, thanks guys.)

After all that mortgage drama, we pretty much thought it got as dramatic as it could get around here. But that was before last Tuesday, when Mr. Juniper's wheelchair malfunctioned and it stopped short, but he did not. The result was that he flew onto the sidewalk, broke a bone in his ankle, sprained something else in the same foot that makes it all very ouchie, and spilled a quantity of his precious blood on the sidewalk from a big scrape in his head. An evening in the ER and a morning at Casts R Us was just not how we planned to spend our last few days in Seattle.

Now that it's only noon and the rest of the day stretches out unexpectadly before me, I feel like I should be doing something, Maybe I should write something. Maybe something about being provided for; or about what my pal said when I called after Jeff's accident sobbing "why is God DOING this to me???"and she reminded me that everything is not actually about me; or about the sweet young couple that answered our Craigslist notice for a free loveseat by coming over and testing it out with a 15 minute cuddle and then decided to take it; or about the sun that shines on your last day in your old town.

Or instead I could go play catch with a 5 year old boy with the miraculously unpacked ball and bat. I think I'll go do that.

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