Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday, What a Day

When Elijah over heard me tell his dad "We were talking about clothes we like today and Eli's godsister said she likes clothes that are 'comfortable and beautiful' and Eli said he likes clothes that are 'awesome and fancy," he corrected me. "No, it's awesome and SCARY." Which, as he says it "awesome and SCAWY" is really funnier than it should be for something said so seriously.

And speaking of awesome (and some of those other adjectives, too: scary, funny, serious) that is all I can say about the people who will come to your garage sale at 8:00 in the morning when the sign says 9:00 and want to know if you have any jewelry or (and this is an actual quote) any "children's books in French," to which I mostly responded, "no, all I have is junk, and if you take some it will lighten my trip to goodwill this afternoon..."

And speaking of good will, props to my neighbor for offering me free Lyle Lovett tickets (kd lang opening!) he wasnt able to to use tonight. I guess I'm still not really from here, though, because I just really dont want to go to an outdoor concert at night when it's raining. Especially when I know it will take 2 hours to get there and find parking and place to sit, and that much again getting home, or maybe more. Which is why I'm glad to be leaving Seattle soon. There's all kinds of stuff happening, but you cant go to any of it because the traffic always sucks.

And speaking of neighbors, today all our neighbors who we usually never see or talk to stopped by to tell us they'll really miss us since we're such good neighbors. By which I guess they mean the kind of neighbors they never have to see or talk to. Weirdos.

And speaking of weird, did I mention that tomorrow is my last sermon at my current call? Ok, this does so go with weird, because it's totally weird how not nervous I am. Last week, second to last sermon, I was a VERITABLE WRECK.

And speaking of veritable wrecks, have I mentioned how glad I am that vacation is almost here? I had wanted to make all these big plans for when we are with our family for two whole weeks, now sitting next to a pool reading Harry Potter seems like about my speed.

And speaking of Harry Potter, I read the whole plot on It seems like something I would like to read. I do not understand spoiler haters. If you are one, feel free to explain. The more I know about the plot, the friendlier I feel toward the whole thing. And I know this isnt because I'm dope because super-smart reverandmother feels the same way.

And speaking of supersmart, the smart pastor goes to SLEEP at 10:00 the night before her last sermon instead of blogging all night, so I'm signing off. Peace all.

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