Sunday, July 23, 2006

What's Wrong With This Picture - 10 minute power blog

Ok, it's an hour past my bedtime (yes, overacheivers like me must have a bedtime otherwise we'd stay up all night catching up on those things we might be missing. not that that is what is happening right now).

But, another really busy week is starting and I want to make sure to make my mark on the blogosphere.

And speaking of making my mark, I know you've been breathlessly waiting to hear what is happening with the Juniper Family Dog Search. Well, so glad you asked! We've been in touch with several rescue organizations in town. One has been compeletely silent, even though I have sent THREE EXTREMELY WELL CRAFTED emails to different addresses. (I guess maybe "leave them alone" is the next solution.) One called and said they got our inquiry and would call us back the next day with info about some dogs that would be good for us. Havent heard anything. One said they dont adopt dogs to anyone who has a younger-than-six-year-old child. (Yeah, because 9 year old boys never commit malicious mischief with their pets....) One answered the follow-up email by saying they hadnt gotten the original application, although the app and followup were sent to the same email address about 24 hours apart.

Sheesh, people, I know you are volunteer run organizations, but get it together! For goodness sakes, if we approached the saving of lost souls as cavalier-ly as you approach the saving of lost dogs, the mainline protestant church in America would be in a sorry situation indeed! [crickets] Um, yeah. Ok, I'll get down off my righteous high horse, and just go back to my prayer.

God, our dog is waiting out there for us. Please keep it safe until it can come home with us. Amen.

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