Friday, July 14, 2006

pet peeves

I've had an extremely peevish day, so this is just perfect timing.

I'm wondering about your pet peeves. Here's your chance to vent, gripe, and grumble to your heart's content.

1. Grammatical pet peeve
People who put an apostrophe in their name when they really just mean to pluralize themselves. as in: "All the Brown's will be there" urrrg.

In this vane: I usually preach from a manuscript, but a couple weeks ago I did it from notes and in listening to the tape to see how it went (Eli was the hospital that weekend, so I was a little distracted and when several people asked me how the sermon went and I COULD NOT REMEMBER PREACHING, I thought it would be a good idea to listen to it and see what happened) I was shocked how many times I said "like" as a filler word. Yikes. Any tips on how to stop doing that appreciated.

2. Household pet peeve
The peristent yuckiness of the bathtub.

3. Arts & Entertainment pet peeve (movie theaters, restaurants, concerts)
Anything that claims it is wheelchair accessible which actually is not (I heard this from a movie theater one time "it's only a short flight of steps, and we had a guy get carried up here one time last year and it was no problem for him") or in which the the wheelchair accomodations are so far removed from or so close to, the action that they are just plain uncomfortable.

4. Liturgical pet peeve
Uptightness. You are CELEBRATING the liturgy, people, not throwing a funeral for it!

5. Wild card--pet peeve that doesn't fit any of the above categories
Constantly changing, but current hot button issue in our house is spitting. I blame the movie Madagascar that a certain four year old in our house can hardly get something in his mouth without seeing what it would look and feel like if he spit it out. So nasty.

Bonus: Because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God: What do YOU do that others might consider a pet peeve?
Talking too fast. Also, I have these hearing aids which I kind of consider a boost, like reading glasses for other people, so I wear them only when I'm working or when I think of it, which is not really all that often. I know that really irritates some of my other fast talkin' pals.
My husband is peeved when I bump into things with the car. (Hey! there's a lot of stuff out there! I find it amazing I dont bump into things more often! Not that I'm defensive or anything!)

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