Sunday, July 09, 2006

Stuff I Found Out About While Goofing Around the Blogosphere Tonight

1. Free tickets to the movie An Inconvenient Truth for Christians who agree to post their responses to the movie after they've seen it.

2. Here's a book I'm going to buy for when Eli's a revolutionary who's too busy going to peace marches and riding his skateboard to go to school.

3. Guess what? Pastors blog too! Featuring our own RGBP, Jan of the Church for Starving Artists.

4. Even at 20 weeks, Sara at going jesus is still the funniest church lady on the web.

5. Some people who need prayers, (besides you, besides me - I mean, who DOESN'T need prayers) are Ann at Your Only Comfort and Steve at Ragamuffin Ramblings.

6. Sue relaxes the same way I do. Not by lying down with a good book like a normal person, but by Making Things Tidy.

7. Even in ten years, I'm still going to be wistful sending the boy off to camp. Sigh.

8. And lastly. This photo speaks for itself. (But I can't let a PICTURE have the last word, so then I say - "Hey, Republican party! Your house is comin' DOWN, baby!")

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