Monday, April 03, 2006

"What have YOU been doing?" they ask...

I've been so busy bopping around the internet, leaving long comments on other people's blogs that I almost don't have time to blog about how yesterday after I almost forgot about damn daylight savings time but then remembered just in time (thank you Dorothy), I went to church where everyone wanted to tell me about something tragic that's going on and also I taught the little kids with the some-kind-of-help-is-the-kind-of-help-we-all-can-do-without of the middle school kids, and then rushed to meet a VERY Pregnant Friend so we could see the matinee of

Joseph and the Amazing Color Dreamcoat with Patrick Cassidy (who? who cares? he's SHAUN'S brother and they look and sound just alike as far as I can remember from my 12 year old crush girl days) at the Paramount theater which has no elevator and we were at the very tip-top so VPF had to walk alllll the way up and allll the way down again but she didn't fall down and the play was just as cheesy as I hoped and the music reminded me of all the good parts of puberty when I mostly hung around in Sarah's room listening to the record over and over on her JC Penney stereo and then when I got home I got a call from the back-up babysitter that she was sick so could not be with the boy on Monday

and while we were talking he got his finger stuck in the little hole that's the connector on one of his brio train track pieces, so after icing it, pulling it, soaping it, pulling it, oiling it and pulling it and he was screaming his head off and trying to hit me with the piece of track (still attached to his finger) and we still could not get it out and I was worried I was going to break his finger or at least dislocate it if I pulled on it anymore, we had to take him to the emergency room, for goodness sake, where the doc figured out in about a minute how to get the blood to drain out of his finger, so his finger would unswell and the track would come unstuck and we felt ridiculous and had to pay seventy five dollars for the co-pay (although thank you Jesus that we have insurance) but afterward agreed we didn't know what else we could have done, given all the screaming and the flailing and then we got home and the boy was all hopped up by our little outing to the hospital and the fact that it was still light out at bed time whereas his parents were completely drained so I took him to the playground and let him run around and he was the only little kid on the playground at 7:00 at night everyone else was big kids, shooting baskets and cussing and smoking so we left after a while and came home and by then everyone was tired but no one could sleep.

Hmm. No wonder I'm so grouchy today.

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